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A very simple idea. We send some random person on the internet something from my room...for free.We'll talk about what we are sending and then the response we get from the person receiving it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

We've moved!

We moved the blog to our on servers go to:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Glen's Amazing Tshirt Give Away: Posts

Here are the entries for Glen's Amazing T-shirt giveaway...who should get these oh so important shirts?

My boyfriend is a size large and he almost always wears black t-shirts. It's after Christmas now, but we are separated (each visiting our own families) so I am giving him his Christmas present when I see him again. These would be perfect!

I like T-Shirts. I mean, I really really LIKE T-Shirts. I spend a month's salary on t-shirts (and, to be fair, on shoes and sneakers). I know a lot of girls who wouldn't want any of your Tees, but I do. I'm a girl that is obsessed with T-Shirts.

And I'm not just saying that. I have all kinds of T-shirts, but I really prefer those with print on them, no matter how silly it is. I only wear t-shirts & jeans. And, well, in Germany, t-shirts are damn expensive (just as everything else is), so this is, well, an opportunity to get them for free, yay.

I own like every T-shirt from but I can't get enough. I need more.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Glen's Amazing Tshirt Give Away

Im giving away 11 large t-shirts. Most of them are black. They are pretty awesome but a little short on me.

Im giving away 11 large t-shirts. Most of them are black. They are pretty awesome but a little short on me. You will see what I mean when I get the pictures up.

Included will be a Randy Travis T (my country boner wont go down!)! A Transformers T! A Bud T (JB is my Bud T!)! A Monster Truck T! A Disney World Paris T! Smash Mouth and New Found Glory T's... Oh and one of those Tux T's! I can't remember the rest right now.

Remember who ever i send these to gets all 11 of the tshirts. Thats over a week and a half of clothes AND I washed them all with downy fabric softener so they smell terrific! Someone is gonna be ballin in no time.

If you want this please email me at


Friday, December 14, 2007

And the winner is...


He was, in fact, the only person to email us. That's ok though, because next week you'll have another opportunity to get something free from one of our rooms!

I'll ship the Amor Amor to you ASAP.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amor Amor for Me Me

Well, I am impressed. I got a letter last night from a reader who wants my Amor Amor perfume. He has some good reasons why I should send it to him (however, number 10 makes me wonder, Brett, whether you know that perfume is not edible ; ) ). Do you have any better reasons why I should send my perfume to you? If so, send them to I'll mail the winner my perfume this Friday, December 14.

Amor Amor for Me Me


*I* should be given the perfume. There are ten good reasons why you should send it to me.

10. With vanilla and black currant in it, I know I'd love the taste.

9. I know that Amor Amor means Love Love. Isn't that Special Special?

8. Fun thing number 34 I can do with perfume: Stand in department store near perfume lady and steal her thunder. Until I get kicked out.

7. Dig how in tune with the perfume I am: Je te vie le mois'e et Amor Amor la de da fou-fou. Didn't that sound romantic?

6. Amor Amor is "a romantic floral Oriental fragrance." That basically describes me to a T. Especially the Oriental adjective. I'm so Oriental. In fact, just this week, I found out that one of my friends owns a katana. He uses it to kill scorpions. Hi-yah.

5. It looks like a perfume grenade, and I think that's cool.

4. It's like stinkin' 3:04 in the morning. I can't sleep because I'm sick and coughing too much. What do I automatically think of? Perfume.

3. Fun thing number 27 I can do with perfume: Pay cashiers with Amor Amor drenched bills.

2. Go here: Now imagine me replacing Bruce Campbell. And Amor Amor replacing Ahoy/Old Spice. I don't think things can get much more sexy.

And the number one reason why you should send the perfume to me…

1. As the future David Letterman, I'll need to smell nice.

*Insert Band Music* And g'night.

-- Brett
Tuscaloosa, AL

Monday, December 10, 2007

Amor Amor by Cacharel perfume! *snif* mmm...good...

Hello! I'm Martha Jean, John Brooks' girlfriend. This is my first post in Something From My Room. I hope you like it. ;)

While perusing my mountains of stuff I don't need (we all have too much stuff these days, don't we?) I discovered a gleaming crimson bottle flashing at me from my vanity. I actually discovered two nearly identical gleaming crimson bottles, and out of my infinite charity I've decided to offer you, the reader, the larger one.

This is a 3.4 oz. bottle of Amor Amor perfume by Cacharel. As you can see from the picture, it's nearly full - I don't think I've ever used it, to be honest, except for spraying it once a few moments ago to make sure the pump works. I bought it because I was running low on my first bottle of it and didn't want to run out - but then I switched perfumes and stopped using it entirely. I'm not a terribly loyal perfume user - always flitting around, trying new things.

Amor Amor smells fantastic though. It's a very sensual perfume with vanilla, jasmine, and blackcurrant. This bottle would normally retail for about $55.00, but I'm offering it to you for free!

Ladies, obviously you can use it for yourself or give it to a friend. Gentlemen, you can give it as a gift - your conversation might go something like this:

You: "Hey, I got you this practically brand-new bottle of perfume for free over the internet, which means I'll be able to put the money I saved toward that diamond you said you wanted."
Her: "Not only are you thoughtful for giving me a gift, but you obviously want to save the earth and waste fewer resources by giving me a recycled gift! And you are so thrifty and good at managing your money! Forget the diamond - you have already proven yourself worthy of my affections! You don't have to do anything else!"
If you want this email me your name and address along with a good reason why I should send it to you. Send all email to

Friday, December 7, 2007

No emails= No one is reading. Get a Free Origami Calendar.

Alright, so I didn't receive a single email all week for the origami calendar. I know it's old but I figured someone would want it! Well, it's still up for grabs. Next week we'll have the first of the guest posters, Martha Jean Schindler (my girlfriend). She's excited about posting something from her room, so please email!

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